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Google Enhances AI Toolkit for Holiday Shopping Season

Google is introducing a range of new AI capabilities and features to support advertisers this holiday season. The new features include new search generative experience (SGE) subcategories, photo search shopping and an expansion of its virtual try-on technology. These updates aim to enhance product visibility and drive potential customers towards making purchases. New SGE features include a range of curated subcategories for specific gift ideas. Searching something like “great gifts for home cooks” will provide a number of subcategories to explore, such as specialty tools, artisanal ingredients, culinary subscriptions, and cooking classes. Google is also introducing an image generation feature for apparel searches, using AI-powered technology to create photorealistic images based on the search terms. This is connected to Google’s Shopping Graph, a network of 35 billion listings, allowing users to shop for products based on the generated images and find the desired style. This will soon be available on mobile in the US. Finally, Google’s virtual try-on tool is being expanded to include men’s tops, with 40 models representing a range of skin tone, body shape, height and size. This feature allows users to visualize how clothing looks on real models. Advertisers should take advantage of these new features and capabilities to ensure their campaigns are optimized for maximum return on ad spend. Google’s new AI search generative experience is an excellent way to make holiday shopping simpler and more enjoyable.

Originally reported by Martech:
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