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Maximizing Holiday Shopping: Local Stores Outshine Online-Only & BFCM Deals

As the holiday shopping season begins, brick-and-mortar stores should be wary - according to a recent survey, only 9% more people prefer to shop in-store than online. That said, local businesses still have the edge over online-only ones, with 58% of shoppers preferring to make holiday purchases from small, local stores. Clothes, games, toys and electronics are the top items on the list, with 70%, 51%, 47% and 40% of shoppers respectively saying they'll be giving them as gifts. Those who have yet to put a campaign in place are behind the competition, as 11% of consumers said they started their holiday shopping in July, 14% in August and 19% this month. Social media is also a big factor, with 49% of shoppers saying they follow brands on social media to learn about Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) deals, and 25% preferring to shop on social media over that period. Reviews also play an important role in consumer decisions, with 75% of shoppers saying it impacts their purchasing decisions over BFCM, and 59% for social media purchasing decisions. Businesses should take note of these trends and act quickly to ensure they make the most of the holiday shopping season.

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