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Unlock the Secrets to Google Shopping Success: 5 Essential Optimizations

5 Essential Google Shopping Optimizations Google Won't Tell You

As Black Friday quickly approaches, it's essential for businesses to invest their ad spend wisely. Google Shopping Ads are a powerful platform for increasing sales, however advertisers unknowingly waste thousands of pounds per year without realizing. This guide, brought to you by Google Shopping Feed partner ShoppingIQ, unveils a number of “secrets that Google won’t tell you” and the five essential optimizations to instantly impact your campaigns.

1. Real-time Feed Stock Updates

For more than 95% of ecommerce brands, their product ads remain active on Google Shopping even after they go out of stock, leading to unnecessary CPC charges and reduced ROI. This not only drains the budget, but also leads to product disapprovals due to incorrect stock status. ShoppingIQ has developed a unique, real-time proprietary stock updating technology to prevent unnecessary ad spend on out-of-stock items, especially during inflated CPC rates. This safeguards the budget and ensures efficient expenditure throughout the year, especially during peak seasons when CPCs are at their highest.

2. Real-time Feed Price Updates

Delays in getting price drops to market slow down revenue potential during sale periods. For instance, during a sale, you would want to capitalize on the increased click-through rates (CTR) and sales that price drops provide immediately, not on your next feed update. ShoppingIQ gives businesses the ability to reflect and adjust product prices in live ads in real-time, harnessing market changes and tactical opportunities. This also reduces product disapproval, keeping prices correct and maximizing the revenue from price drops as they happen.

3. Incremental Converting Keyword Insights and Keyword Targeting

ShoppingIQ puts control back in the hands of advertisers by allowing precise control over the product's appearance in Google Shopping search results. You can target ads using a range of keywords including product names, brand names and product attributes. This precision ensures that ads reach potential buyers with the highest intent. ShoppingIQ also provides converting keyword insights at the product level for Performance Max campaigns, data that is not available via the Google Ads interface.

4. 20% CPC Discount

Google CSS partners such as ShoppingIQ offer a permanent discount on the Google Shopping spend. This discount applies to the account and gives the shopping campaigns 20% more bidding power without extra charges. As a result, the cost per click will end up being cheaper. This discount is only available for ad campaigns running activities in the U.K. or EU.

5. Free Competitor Tracking

ShoppingIQ provides free competitor tracking to compare your products with your competitors regarding price, availability and impression share in Google Shopping search results. This data enables you to identify areas for campaign improvement and stay ahead of the competition. Additionally, you can dynamically adjust your product offerings based on price competitiveness.

These tips are suitable for businesses of all sizes seeking to enhance their Google Shopping campaign performance. For more tips and advice, take advantage of the free 1-hour consultation and download the free guide at

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