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Barriers to AI Adoption in the Marketing Sector: Cost, Skills, and Implementation

Research conducted by Algomarketing, a workforce solutions and marketing operations consultancy, has revealed that over half (51.3%) of global marketing leaders cite cost as a significant barrier when adopting AI. Additionally, 77.5% of marketers have had to delay implementing AI due to concerns regarding bias and fairness, and 44.4% struggle to find people with the necessary skills in marketing and AI to undertake projects.

U.S.-based marketers are less likely to adopt AI, with only 26.7% having used it in the last three years, compared to 54.5% of those based in Australia and 45.3% in the U.K.

This week’s AI-powered martech products, features, releases and related news include Kognitiv’s Kognitiv Ignite for customer engagement strategies, DreamHost’s AI-powered business name generator, Proximic’s ID-free audiences across platforms, Insider’s Sirius AI for customer experience, and Getty Images’ Generative AI, trained solely from its creative library.

For technology-savvy business professionals, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest AI-powered martech products, features, releases and related news. AI is becoming increasingly commonplace in the marketing sector, and understanding the cost, skills, and implementation barriers of this technology is essential in order to make informed decisions.

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