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AI Transforming Industries: Implications for Professionals

AI is transforming many industries, with some professions more at risk than others. According to the UK's Department for Education's report, the clergy are the 15th most likely to be replaced by AI. By contrast, pro athletes, roofers and steel erectors are the least likely to be affected. This week, several tech companies released new AI-powered marketing technologies that business owners and professionals should be aware of.

CivicScience's Sage AI is designed to tackle trust issues surrounding artificial intelligence. It provides users with responses to consumer analytics questions in plain English, citing the source data in CivicScience’s InsightStore. A downloadable spreadsheet with detailed underlying data is also available.

Ada's AI Agent, powered by the Ada Reasoning Engine, is an AI tool that offers personalized customer service. It provides problem-solving skills and action-oriented capabilities to resolve even the most complex customer inquiries.

RTB House's ContentGPT uses the power of large language models and generative pre-trained transformers to give insights into the interests and intents of web page readers across the open internet.

Yoast has added AI-powered enhancements to its WordPress SEO plugin, allowing it to generate creative titles and meta descriptions that adhere to search engine standards.

Qlik is collaborating with AWS to help its customers embrace and scale the power of artificial intelligence through new integrations and AI-powered solutions. With its integration with Amazon Bedrock, Qlik Cloud users can now use natural language to create AI-driven insights on AWS.

Dynamic Yield by Mastercard's Shopping Muse is an AI tool that changes how consumers search for and discover products in a retailer’s digital catalog. It can translate consumers’ colloquial language into tailored product recommendations.

Synthetic Acumen's ResearchGOAT is a generative AI platform designed for in-depth qualitative customer and market research. It enables facilitated conversations, assessment and analysis of customer preferences, market trends and industry insights.

As AI technology continues to develop, it is becoming increasingly important for business professionals to understand the implications of this technology on their industries. The above technologies demonstrate the potential of AI to transform marketing and customer service. It is essential for professionals to stay informed of the latest AI-powered marketing releases in order to stay competitive.

Originally reported by Martech:
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