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Marketers Overwhelmed by AI Integration: 70% Surveyed

Feeling overwhelmed by AI? You're not alone: 70% of marketers feel inundated by the rapid pace of AI's development and integration into their strategies, according to a survey by SOCi. Nearly half (44%) said the frequent introduction of new AI tools causes more confusion than assistance. And it's no surprise, as 42% reported they haven't had any formal training on AI and its applications in marketing.

The survey was based on responses from 317 B2C digital marketing professionals in the U.S. – and now, here's this week's slate of new releases.

Seedtag’s Contextual Audiences allows advertisers to target based on user interests without personal data, by analysing the content of the web pages they visit.'s marketing analytics platform enables marketing teams to talk to their data in natural language and get results without technical skills.

MyTelescope's AI platform uses search data to predict opportunities, market trends, future sales, and market share.

AiBUY's Multicart and Floating Cart help content creators and brands monetise content, improving the customer shopping experience and creating shoppable opportunities.

LifeStreet's Nero Dynamic Creatives improves in-app advertising by testing, analysing and deploying AI-generated creative combinations across numerous audience segments.

Coveo has added more than 15 new enhancements to its AI-powered search and recommendations platform, designed to improve digital experiences across commerce, service, website, and workplace.

Invoca's Signal AI Studio helps businesses create custom AI models that can automatically unlock insights from phone conversations.

FOOM Club Ranking has launched an aggregator for tracking and measuring Twitter/X's bot influence, helping users track trending bots and discover AI personalities that harmonise with their brands.

Jivox has announced enhancements to IQ Blaze Analytics, Powered by Snowflake, which provides instant creative and media analytics in one place.

Addlly AI has launched advanced second-generation AI tools for complete marketing workflows, including tools for creating blogs and social media posts with real-time data.

Resonate's AI Insights by rAI uses generative AI to analyse consumer datasets and reveal consumer insights, analysing thousands of consumer attributes to find those most important for audience definition.

With so many AI-powered martech releases every week, staying on top of the latest trends can be overwhelming. But with the right training, businesses can make the most out of this technology and use it to their advantage.

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