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"Revolutionizing Corporate Gifting: Sendoso Acquires Alyce"

Sendoso, a leading corporate gifting platform, recently announced its acquisition of Alyce, another major player in the corporate gifting space. This move brings together two powerful platforms and is set to revolutionize the way businesses handle gift-giving. According to Kris Rudeegraap, CEO of Sendoso, there will be no immediate changes to either platform. In the immediate future, Alyce will operate as "Alyce by Sendoso," and the terms of the deal were not disclosed. Corporate gifting platforms are designed to help marketers, sales teams, and HR and administrative teams automate the process of sending gifts and other direct mail messages to prospects, customers, and employees. These platforms integrate with marketing technology systems like CRMs, making it easier for users to select and send gifts to the right people. They also offer warehousing and distribution services, as well as package tracking, making the entire process more efficient. By using data to personalize offline gifts and messages, businesses can stand out from the noise of digital channels. However, with the rise of remote work due to the pandemic, it has become challenging for businesses to connect with their dispersed customers and prospects through traditional mail. It was inevitable that consolidation in the direct mail and gifting space would occur post-pandemic. Sendoso, which is backed by SoftBank, has been a prominent vendor in this space. However, in early October 2023, Business Insider reported that Sendoso had issued its fourth round of layoff notices. Other players in the market include Reachdesk and Postal. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is a key factor in the success of these platforms. Alyce boasts strong personalization capabilities, including the ability to personalize gifts based on recipients' interests outside of work. On the other hand, Sendoso's AI-powered tool, PunPal, creates clever gift messages for senders. The addition of more AI functionality is seen as crucial to the success of both companies. Moreover, new restrictions from Google and Yahoo for bulk email senders may encourage more marketers and sales leaders to consider offline tactics like direct mail and gifting as alternatives to digital channels, making these platforms even more valuable. In conclusion, the acquisition of Alyce by Sendoso is set to bring significant changes to the corporate gifting space. With the integration of two powerful platforms and the use of AI, businesses can expect a more efficient and effective way of reaching out to prospects and customers through traditional mail. Keep an eye on these developments as they have the potential to transform the way businesses connect with their customers.

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