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Movable Ink Launches Mobile Suite to Personalize User Engagement

Movable Ink, a personalized content platform, has announced the launch of a new mobile suite, allowing businesses to deliver rich, visual content that renders for each individual customer at the moment of impression. This adds to Movable Ink’s existing capabilities, which currently include dynamic content for emails and web pages. This expansion into the mobile space is supported by data from an SMS beta trial in the US and the UK, showing positive results in click-throughs, conversions, and average order value. The mobile suite has a few capabilities that help businesses personalize user engagement. It can capture behavioural data within apps and use it to generate 1:1 personalized content across mobile and other channels, as well as deep linking to create seamless connections between different channels. It also allows for improved attribution in mobile channels. This development is an example of a vendor originally known for innovation in one niche channel, expanding their offerings to encompass the wider range of channels marketers need to address today. It also acknowledges the need to stand out from the noise of retargeting with messages designed to engage users in the moment.

Originally reported by Martech:
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