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Maximizing AI Tools with HubSpot: Content Assistant & ChatSpot

HubSpot has been rolling out new generative AI features to help customers save time while creating better connections with their audiences. The company has introduced two AI-powered tools – Content Assistant and ChatSpot – to assist with this aim. Here we explore how to get the most out of these tools and how to encourage AI adoption in your organization.

Content Assistant streamlines content creation for marketing and sales teams. It suggests blog titles, generates post outlines, writes content for various platforms and consolidates content marketing workflows into one place. It’s in public beta as of this writing.

ChatSpot uses natural language (rather than code or technical expertise) to help you perform common tasks, like adding contacts to the CRM, creating custom reports and drafting personalized sales emails. It makes HubSpot’s software more interactive and user-friendly.

Using Content Assistant

A notable difference between Content Assistant and ChatGPT is its line-level and paragraph-level text generation. Rather than letting you produce an entire blog at once (which tends to yield generic, derivative content at best), HubSpot forces you to generate them in smaller segments. This requires you to be clearer about the type of content you want, leading to better quality content and results.

Content Assistant can be used to write emails, create social posts, generate blog ideas, create compelling CTAs and generate paragraphs. To get the most out of Content Assistant, you should ask yourself what types of content you create most frequently, what repetitive text-based tasks could be automated, where you get stuck in your content creation process and how to leverage Content Assistant to create more personalized content for your audience.

Using ChatSpot

ChatSpot was designed to improve everyday workflows, provide unique insights and personalize interactions. It enables users to talk to HubSpot like a person rather than a machine. ChatSpot can streamline outreach, provide insightful data, improve SEO, simplify CRM tasks and create customized AI support. To get the most out of ChatSpot, consider what routine tasks can be automated, where it can help gain deeper insights, how it can be used to improve content visibility and personalize customer interactions, and where it can help you navigate through your to-do list more efficiently.

Encouraging AI adoption in your organization

MOps leaders have an opportunity to drive the adoption of AI tools within their organizations. To do so, they should create how-to videos, find tech-savvy trailblazers, keep the support coming, set some ground rules and remember that AI is about working smarter, not just faster. AI tools should help move the organization towards its goals, rather than simply increasing output.

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