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March 2023 Marketo Release Notes: Security, Reporting, and More!

Adobe's Marketo platform has had a number of updates in March 2023, from minor tweaks to major changes. In this article, we'll take a look at the key updates and how they can help technology-savvy business professionals leverage the platform more effectively.

Dynamic Chat is at the forefront of the March 2023 releases, with updates such as the introduction of roles and permissions, inferred attributes, and the removal of the toggle switch. Inferred attributes offer the benefit of removing fields on forms, but there are some downsides - such as the inability to capture VPN data. To avoid any compliance issues, legal teams may prefer keeping these fields on forms.

Roles and permissions have also been added to Dynamic Chat, enabling admins to limit user access to the platform. This is an important step towards a secure environment, as granting the right access to the right people is essential for security.

Reporting on the success of Dynamic Chat has been improved, allowing users to track the performance of their dialogue and gain a better understanding of the platform's ROI. Additionally, users now have the option to display static chat content in nine additional languages.

The Classic Experience on landing pages is being sunset, and the new experience provides enhanced details for individual assets, such as the versioning of the asset, along with key information and settings. The “Used By” tab was also updated to list all assets using a particular landing page template or form template.

All of these updates provide many benefits to Marketo users, such as increased security and control, improved reporting capabilities, and a more comprehensive understanding of the ROI of Dynamic Chat. To view the complete list of Marketo Release Notes, please click here.

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