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AI-Powered Martech Releases: Reducing Cost, Enhancing Content Creation

The cost of building, training and operating Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often enormous. According to a report from SemiAnalysis, it took Google more than $100 billion in servers and networking to implement ChatGPT/Bard onto every search. Reuters also reported recently that OpenAI is set to unveil updates to make it cheaper and faster to build software applications based on its AI models. However, the economics of AI have been mostly ignored since the ChatGPT frenzy in December.

Adobe has introduced three new AI abilities: the Firefly Vector Model, the Firefly Design Model and the Firefly Image Model 2. The Vector Model creates line-based objects which can be edited in Adobe Illustrator and similar tools, while the Design Model allows a creator to use text to describe what they wish to create. The Image Model 2 is an upgraded text-to-image tool and offers higher resolution, more accurate rendering of people and greater faithfulness to text descriptions.

Writesonice's Botsonic is an AI chatbot powered by OpenAI's GPT-4. It can make product recommendations, provide solutions and offer human-like interactions, as well as autonomous decision-making and personalised user experiences.

Optimizely's Optimizely One is a new operating system for marketing professionals based on its digital experience platform. It features Opal - a new way to engage with Optimizely's AI to review recommendations and create new content - and the use of business-focused language learning models for enhanced AI-generated content.

Zeta Global's Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP) now has AI-enabled capabilities, such as the Zeta Opportunity Engine, which gives real-time answers and generates content; analysis of data to forecast and identify revenue opportunities; visualisation of campaign-related revenue and optimisations; predictions of the potential impact of recommended actions; and forecasts of media spend.

Fastr (formerly Zmags) has launched FastrAI, which streamlines ecommerce experience creation and supports multivariate experimentation and fast iteration. FastrAI ensures that all AI-generated content is optimised for accessibility and SEO; is restricted to leverage brand guidelines; and supports core web vitals for fastest rendering.

Finally, Zefr's AI-powered Brand Suitability Solution is now available across Facebook and Instagram Reels, providing brands with transparency into their content adjacencies on Reels and enabling them to explore new reach opportunities and engage a more expansive audience.

This week, several technology-savvy business professionals have access to a range of AI-powered martech releases, features and enhancements. Companies such as Adobe, Writesonic, Optimizely, Zeta Global, Fastr and Zefr are providing solutions to help businesses reduce the cost of building and training AI, as well as offering insights into brand suitability and enhanced content creation.

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