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Marketo's July 2023 Release: Engagement Map, Web Services Error & More

Marketo recently released a set of features that will benefit technology-savvy business professionals. Engagement Map provides detailed visualisations of Smart Campaigns, allowing users to explain how campaigns work more efficiently. In addition, Web Services Error identifies API users responsible for creating errors, drastically reducing troubleshooting time. Finally, Unsubscribe append settings and Dynamic Chat Support for Sales Insight have also been updated. Engagement Map creates visualisations of Smart Campaigns which can be exported as high-resolution PNG files. This game-changer for Marketo users makes it easier to explain campaign details and onboard new users. To access this feature, click on the ‘Build in Journey’ button in a Smart Campaign. Web Services Error displays a ‘User’ containing Error Codes and Counts columns, so admins can pinpoint who was responsible for the error. Notifications also display the Marketo subscription name, so admins of multiple instances can identify the affected instance. Unsubscribe append settings have been updated to allow customised messages, and Dynamic Chat Support now shows chat activity in Sales Insight and Sales Insight Action. The full list of July 2023 Marketo Release Notes can be found here.

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