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Exploring Saidah Abdulhaqq's Atypical MarTech Career Path

As part of the MarTech Salary and Career Survey, we interviewed Saidah Abdulhaqq, a senior digital architect at Enterprise Holdings, about her experiences in marketing. Saidah’s career path has been “atypical” for a marketing technologist and resulted in her becoming a specialist with experience in many different areas. She has a degree in English and has worked in early internet communications, content, analytics and digital marketing. Saidah has also focused on highly privacy-focused marketing and has experience in website optimization.

The biggest challenge for MarTech, Saidah believes, is a lack of understanding and awareness of its value at the leadership level. Leaders tend to have a short-term focus, believing that marketers only make things ‘pretty’ and considering marketing and advertising to be the same thing, when in fact they are not. As a result, MarTech is often seen as a reactive solution rather than a proactive one.

Finding people with the right skills for MarTech can also be a challenge. Saidah and her team are unicorns in their field, having grown up with the internet and worked in many different areas of digital marketing technology. They have a unique set of knowledge and experience, and it can be difficult to find new team members with the same level of expertise and interest in specialising in one area.

Marketing technologists are vital to businesses, but they often require training and an understanding of the value they bring to the organisation. MarTech can be a powerful tool when implemented correctly, and Saidah’s story is a testament to the success it can bring.

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