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"Kath Pay: An Expert in Email Marketing's Journey and Advice"

Kath Pay is a leading expert in email marketing, having spent her entire career in the field. She has travelled extensively giving presentations and training sessions, and is the author of a best-selling book – “Holistic Email Marketing”. Kath began her journey in email marketing in the 1990s when she started a web design agency and created the nucleus of an email marketing system for her first client. This system then went on to take over her web design agency and she began to offer email marketing full-time. Kath moved to the U.K. to provide local solutions for the international businesses she was working with. She joined the Direct Marketing Association and held the email marketing council for 10 years. She then went on to become a full-time consultant, training and speaking about email marketing across five continents, 53 cities, 27 countries and giving over 200 presentations. Although younger consumers may not open emails, there is still a large audience, slightly older, that will. Email has become an essential part of digital marketing; however, Kath warns of over-relying on generative AI, the latest advancement in the field, as this is in its early stages. She advises looking for problems and challenges that need solutions and wondering if generative AI can assist with this. Email marketing is a powerful tool and Kath is still a newly wed with it, excited to see what the future holds.

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