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Exploring Google AI & Automation at Marketing Live 2023

At Google Marketing Live 2023, there was a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to help simplify tasks for marketers and advertisers. Google Ads now lets users create campaigns using conversational AI, while Google Search Generative Experience integrates search and shopping ads. Google PMax adds generative AI to create text assets and images, and Google Product Studio features AI-generated images that merchants can edit and enhance. Additionally, Google Merchant Center is being replaced by 2024 by Google Merchant Center Next, and seven new Google Ads features including brand restrictions in broad match and AI in Smart Bidding have been released. These changes should help marketers save time and have better control over automated campaigns. AI is being used to do some of the heavy lifting, but it is not replacing all of the work. MarTech is the go-to source for staying up to date with Google Marketing Live 2023 and new AI developments in marketing and advertising. Subscribe to MarTech to get the latest news on AI and other technology-savvy business topics delivered to your inbox for free.

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