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Exploring AI Personality Profiling for B2B Marketing

As humans, we tend to form an impression of the people we meet. We assess their trustworthiness, credibility and level of friendliness based on our interactions. In the business setting, we often assess contacts based on how they will — or will not — support what we’re promoting. Will they be an advocate or influencer? Will they be skeptical or feel threatened? This can extend to organizations or industries too. We describe them as being “data-driven” or “research-based” and “cutting edge” or “slow-moving” to help us better understand how to position ourselves and improve our messaging.

To gain a deeper understanding of our target audiences, AI personality profiling tools are becoming increasingly popular. They use machine learning algorithms to analyze data points such as social media activity, online searches and even speech patterns to identify patterns and traits. This allows for more personalized and effective marketing campaigns. It can also uncover valuable insights about an organization’s corporate culture.

We recently profiled the personalities of the C-suite executives at a Fortune 500 company. We discovered that 21 out of 22 executives had the same personality type, a phenomenon known as “birds of a feather flock together”. This is an extreme example, but typically we find only one dominant type in 60-70% of the executive team. This homogenous population is a marketer’s dream as it means that a “one size fits all” messaging approach can be used. It also provides insight into the corporate culture.

AI profiling tools open the door for creating new personas, buyer journeys and tailored content. As well as understanding their personality type, it’s also important to know their behaviors and motivations. For example, the “project manager” mindset is motivated by achievement, career advancement and recognition. To get their attention, you’ll need to align to their personal content preferences and use industry specific case studies, references and business cases.

AI personality profiling is a powerful tool, but it has its limitations. It’s crucial to recognize that personality types are dynamic and can evolve over time. Moreover, depending solely on data-driven insights may hinder empathy and a comprehensive understanding of the human experience. To get the most out of your AI tool, make sure to complement it with other research and communication methods.

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