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AI Popularity Growing among B2B Organisations: Survey Findings

AI is becoming increasingly popular amongst B2B organisations as a means of marketing, with 67% of them using it according to a survey by Forrester. Even more are planning to "moderately" or "significantly" increase their plans for using AI in their marketing processes. However, the quality of data being used for AI remains a concern, with only 15% of marketers saying it was "optimized".

The survey found that 60% of respondents were positive about the adoption of AI in marketing and the top use cases were targeting (40%), personalization and marketing automation/tactic orchestration (36%), and chatbots and virtual assistants (33%).

When it comes to AI implementation, 50% of marketers are buying technology with embedded AI capabilities, 35% are building in-house capabilities, 29% are leveraging pretrained AI models, 15% are purchasing packaged vertical/horizontal AI solutions, and 10% are hiring AI consultancies or professional services firms.

ChatGTP integrations are becoming more commonplace amongst enterprise-level vendors and smaller tech providers, offering B2B organisations more options to choose from in the coming year, and the survey suggests that adoption is already substantial and likely to climb.

Originally reported by Martech:
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