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15 Innovative B2B Marketing Technologies for Data, Campaigns, Sales and Strategy

B2B marketers are benefiting from a huge variety of new marketing technologies, but it comes with a range of challenges, such as integration, budgeting and demonstrating ROI. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which products to choose. Here we’ve rounded up 15 new technologies that are perfect for the B2B world, and organised them into four categories: Data, campaigns, sales and strategy.

Data-wise, there’s Propensity’s intent data for Account Based Marketing, Anteriad Data Cloud for self-service prospecting data, Snowflake for data management in the cloud, and Crystal Knows for personality profiling. For campaigns, CredSpark has strategically designed polls, quizzes and surveys to increase engagement, Descript offers easy video editing, Mutiny enables website personalization, and Albert is a tool for digital advertising.

In terms of sales, Big Commerce provides e-commerce solutions, CallSine lets AI write prospecting emails, Deeto harnesses customers for referrals, and ChampionHQ identifies hidden advocates. For strategy, OnLoop is a productivity app for team feedback and Crayon provides competitive intelligence.

AI is everywhere and is an invaluable resource for marketers. It’s essential for companies to use AI to improve their products and open new doors, but it’s important to differentiate between AI-driven products and those that just use AI as a buzzword. It’s encouraging that entrepreneurs continue to develop helpful tools to streamline and empower our efforts - long live B2B marketing innovation!

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