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Unlock the Rich Data Hidden in Calls with Call Analytics Software

Call analytics software is a platform that manages the inbound phone channel, providing call tracking, recording, routing and attribution tools. It enables marketers to identify and activate the rich data hidden in the growing volume of inbound calls. AI-driven technologies, such as smart speakers, virtual assistants, chatbots and messaging apps, are driving calls to businesses. Call tracking software is a key use case of call analytics technology with the ability to track calls and assign unique phone numbers to different digital marketing campaigns to track the source of an inbound call. AI-driven speech analytics are used to extract and predict caller intent, measure caller tone, sentiment and emotion to optimally route a call. Native social analytics integration tracks calls back to social media ads and chat and messaging integrations and analytics also form part of the platform. Sales rep coaching and evaluation tools include automated sales performance and evaluation to provide scoring/grading systems, script optimization and real-time alerts that flag lost opportunities. Data privacy compliance is an essential feature, particularly for businesses in the healthcare and financial services markets, with PII and consumer financial information redacted from call recordings and transcripts. There are numerous integrations with SEO, PPC, DSP, CRM and marketing automation systems to create a unified view of customers and prospects. The benefits of using call analytics software platforms include improved multichannel attribution, more unified customer view, optimized marketing campaigns, smarter marketing resource allocation, increased sales staff productivity, better sales performance and improved customer experience.

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