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Comparing 6 AI Writing Assistants: Which Is Right For You?

In this two-part article, we looked at six AI writing assistants: ChatGPT, Writer, Jasper, WriteSonic and These tools can help you write blog posts, product descriptions, emails and other marketing materials. ChatGPT and Writer offer the most control and flexibility over text generation, allowing you to compose paragraphs, add comments and rewrite sentences on the fly. Jasper is great for long-form content, though its workflow sometimes fails to generate a whole piece. WriteSonic is one of the most affordable AI writing tools designed to generate long-form content. It prompts you to use SEO-ready templates (workflows) and is suitable for straightforward content like “How to grow avocados at home”. However, it’s more limited for B2B pieces and cannot combine and write in different styles like Jasper or ChatGPT. is a one-stop shop for long-form and sales copywriting. It generates full product descriptions, landing pages and emails. It has a set of features for blog post creation, including generating titles and meta descriptions, checking for duplicate content, generating FAQs and listicles in one click, picking up the tone to match your brand voice, helping with search engine optimization, and creating “cliffhangers” for your copy. All tools have their target audiences, but Jasper and ChatGPT beat any competition for blog post writing. They give you full control over composing paragraphs and rewriting, which the other tools do not. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, try As you’ve seen in the samples, it can deliver high-quality results for one-shot articles and comes with engaging features for storytelling. Whether you’re a tech-savvy business professional looking for an AI writing assistant or just want to save time on content creation, there’s an AI tool for you. Take the time to test each one and find the right tool for your needs.

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