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Revolutionizing Marketing Tech: AI-Powered Solutions Announced

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the marketing technology industry. This week, a range of AI-powered solutions have been announced, including Botify Assist, SE Ranking’s AI Writer, Searchie’s Wisdom AI, PDFgear’s PDF Chatbot, ToqueAI, Big Purple Dot’s BPD AI Assistant and Widewail’s ChatGPT. Botify Assist is a collection of ChatGPT-powered tools for Botify’s enterprise SEO platform, allowing users to find information using plain text and optimize content. SE Ranking’s AI Writer enables marketers to generate topics, structure and optimize text, and adjust tone, based on 11 different writing styles. Searchie’s Wisdom AI uses audio, video and written content to create answers to natural language questions, enabling users to create conversational assistants for digital products. PDFgear’s PDF Chatbot allows users to interact with PDF documents and summarize contents in short sentences. ToqueAI has added GPT-4 to its content creation platform, increasing content coherence and understanding in 37 different languages. Big Purple Dot’s BPD AI Assistant allows natural language queries in its mortgage- and real-estate-focused CRM. Widewail has added ChatGPT to its customer review and reputation management systems, allowing clients to use natural language prompts for managing response. Business professionals looking to stay up-to-date on the latest AI and ChatGPT-powered martech products can subscribe to MarTech’s newsletter.

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