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Transforming Content Strategy: Citizens Bank's Journey to Meet Customers Where They Are

Citizens Bank is a regional business with approximately 1,200 branches in the northeast of the USA. To build trust and authority with customers they transformed their content strategy, broke ground on new channels like TikTok and backed it all up with data. Lori Dillion, head of enterprise marketing, has seen a lot of change in how customers do their banking over her 30 years at the company, particularly with the digital-first shift that was already occurring before the pandemic accelerated it.

The new sales and marketing approach uses mobile experiences to reach CFOs and CEOs, instead of cold calling. Content is sent to customers, rather than product ads, and a data intelligence platform (DIP) and digital asset management tool (DAM) are used to gain insights and serve the right content to the right customer. Citizens Bank also dived into the unexpected world of TikTok, teaming up with Derek Hough to launch the #DitchYourWalletDuet challenge to promote their mobile app. The challenge has gained 12.9 million views.

Citizens Bank's approach to content shows how businesses can meet customers where they are and keep up with customer needs. They also show how businesses can test and learn on new platforms, and use data to inform their decisions.

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