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"Master the CX Trifecta in 2023: Leverage Data, Content, and Tech to Enhance Customer Experiences"

As businesses worldwide anticipate a period of uncertainty in the coming years, one thing is certain — customers expect excellent experiences when interacting with a brand. According to Acquia’s latest CX Report, businesses plan to prioritize customer retention over the next 12 months, with 56% looking to improve customer experience and 58% focusing more on customer service. To ensure success in the long-term, businesses must meet and exceed customer expectations.

That's why Acquia is offering a webinar, “Master the CX Trifecta in 2023: Data, Content & Tech,” designed to create the foundations for CX success in 2021 and beyond. The webinar will cover how businesses can leverage data, content and technology to deliver a better customer experience for their customers.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Leverage data to understand customer needs and preferences
  • Deliver personalized content that resonates with customers
  • Use technology to streamline operations and improve efficiency

With the right combination of data, content and technology, businesses can improve customer experience and retain customers in the long-term. Register today for the “Master the CX Trifecta in 2023: Data, Content & Tech” webinar and get a headstart on long-term customer success.

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