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Revolutionizing Content Marketing with Generative AI & XR Technologies

Generative AI is revolutionising the marketing industry and providing marketers with powerful tools to create compelling content quickly and effectively. Web3, the metaverse and other immersive technologies have opened up a world of possibilities, creating new opportunities for marketers to reach their audiences in innovative ways. AI tools have matured to the point where anyone can create amazing 3D content without having to code. In this article, five specific use cases of AI and XR are outlined, including Exclusible, Roblox,, Ready Player Me and Midjourney.

Exclusible positions itself as a “Web3 one-stop shop”, offering services such as building immersive spaces, creating digital collectibles, launching marketing campaigns and helping brands like Hugo Boss and Christian Lacroix build relevance with a younger demographic. Roblox is building its own generative AI tools to help their community easily bring their visions to life on the 3D platform, providing users the tools to create the world around them easily. is a great example of an accessible and intuitive 3D world that can be consumed on a variety of devices. It also makes it easy to create immersive spaces and has a robust creator toolkit that doesn’t require coding. Ready Player Me allows users to start with a pre-made avatar template or upload a photo of their face, solving a major friction point for online immersive spaces. Lastly, Midjourney is an image creation tool that allows creatives to provide prompts or a string of words to create images in seconds.

The combination of AI and XR is revolutionising the content marketing industry and providing marketers with powerful tools to create unique and compelling content quickly and effectively. This technology offers great potential for brands to reach their audiences in innovative ways, so understanding how to use these tools is essential for any marketer looking to stay ahead of the curve.

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