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SAS Introduces Generative AI Capabilities to Customer Intelligence 360 Solution

SAS, a leading analytics and data management provider, has announced it will incorporate generative AI capabilities into its Customer Intelligence 360 marketing solution. Marketers will be able to use these capabilities to create marketing plans, segments and personalized text content, with the ability to integrate popular models like ChatGPT, open source models and their own proprietary models. At the SAS Explore conference, the following core capabilities were also announced: integration via the SAS connector framework to large language model (LLM) providers, natural language processing capabilities to identify relevant audience segments, and rapid content generation with a combination of LLMs and internal data sets. SAS wants to make sure generative AI use is safe and responsible. As such, Mark Chaves, the director of digital marketing solutions, laid out a governance framework, emphasising the importance of data privacy, human oversight and creating interpretable and transparent output. The need for human oversight is especially important in regulated industries like finance, as marketers need to be confident that AI recommendations are sound and explicable. When introducing genAI, SAS is also mindful of the need to scale quickly, while maintaining the human-in-the-loop recommendation. It remains to be seen how this can be done for content generated in huge volumes and at high speed.

Originally reported by Martech:
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