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Preparing Your Marketing for Economic Uncertainty: Email Personalisation & First-Party Data

In the modern world of e-commerce, personalisation is essential to engaging customers, inspiring them, and keeping them coming back. As the global economy remains uncertain, it is important to apply personalisation tactics to your existing customer communication strategy - email marketing. First-party data is the fuel behind successful email personalisation initiatives and strategies. It is customer information that your company collects directly from its own channels and sources, such as email, mobile apps, websites, social media, SMS and more. Advancements in modern marketing technology make it possible to centrally access this information and use it to create tailored customer journeys. Relying on email is the most financially savvy move your company can make, as it is recognised as the highest-ROI medium for any marketing team. An all-in-one platform can help generate fast ROI at scale, without adding additional resources or overburdening staff. Investing more of your budget into email can result in significantly more in return. To find out more about preparing your marketing for economic uncertainty, read this insightful guide.

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