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"Maximizing Efficiency: A 101 Guide to Marketing Attribution"

Marketers are increasingly looking to maximize the efficiency of their activity, and accurately measuring the impact of their advertising spend is key. A study by Rakuten reveals that, on average, marketers waste over one quarter of their budget (26%) on ineffective channels and strategies. To ensure optimal ROI, marketers need to look to true multi-touch algorithmic attribution to measure and optimize their activity. Digital Marketing Depot and Snowplow have released the 101 Guide to Marketing Attribution to help marketers make sense of their marketing and get to value quickly.

The guide provides an easy-to-follow breakdown of the principles and applications of marketing attribution, including the different types of marketing attribution models, how to choose the best model for your business, and the different ways to measure and optimize the performance of your campaigns. This guide is ideal for technology-savvy business professionals looking to get to grips with the fundamentals of marketing attribution and ensure their campaigns are as effective as possible.

With this guide, marketers can learn how to accurately measure their marketing activity and optimize their campaigns, so they can make smarter decisions and drive maximum value from their budget. Download the 101 Guide to Marketing Attribution from Snowplow to get started.

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