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OpenAI's Challenge: Complying with EU Regulations on AI App Data Processing

On Wednesday, Italy’s data protection agency made clear the steps OpenAI must take before ChatGPT can operate again in the nation. Last month, the company took its AI chat app offline in Italy after the government restricted its data processing and launched an investigation into possible privacy breaches. OpenAI has until April 30 to inform Italian users of “the methods and logic” behind the processing of data, and provide tools for them to exercise their existing personal data rights. It must also install a robust age verification system that keeps out users under age 13, by the end of September. Furthermore, OpenAI has to launch a local awareness campaign on radio, TV and digital before May 15, to educate Italians about ChatGPT’s processing methods and data usage. Italy is the first EU nation to take regulatory action on ChatGPT, and other countries such as France, Germany and Spain are also investigating the app’s data processing practices.

As generative AI technology continues to advance, regulators are focusing on the use of user data across the web, especially when large language models are trained on that data without the consent that GDPR law requires. OpenAI’s actions in the coming weeks will reveal the extent to which large AI companies need to comply with privacy regulations in order to operate in the EU. It will also set a precedent for other companies developing AI technology and potentially pave the way for more comprehensive regulation of AI apps in the future.

Originally reported by Martech:
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