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Digimind and OpenAI Unveil AI-Powered Social Listening Tool

Digimind, the social listening and marketing intelligence platform, has unveiled a new program which combines their AI Sense with OpenAI's ChatGPT. This new product is the first of its kind to use two AI engines to monitor and analyze online conversations. AI Sense monitors social media, blogs, reviews, podcasts and more, to detect key events about any brand or topic, and then determines important metrics such as reach, brand impact and key mentions. This information is then sent to ChatGPT, which will analyze and summarize it in plain English in real time. Paul Vivant, Digimind CEO, likened the product to having “two dedicated analysts: one data scientist, and one business analyst 24/24, 7/7”, which will save users hours of analysis and allow them to react much faster to any situation.

This product is especially useful in a world where a single tweet can have a massive impact on a business, and separating what matters from what doesn't can be a difficult task. With this product, businesses can quickly and easily access an instant brief on the situation, and be better prepared to respond.

Digimind’s new product is an important step forward in the realm of social media intelligence, and should provide businesses with an invaluable resource for monitoring and analyzing online conversations.

Originally reported by Martech:
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