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"Thought Leadership: Leveraging Human Expertise to Stand Out in a Sea of AI Content"

AI is everywhere, filling the web with content that often lacks the depth, nuance or forward-looking angle of expert insight. While tools like ChatGPT can supplement expertise with efficiency and creativity, more than ever, buyers need perspective that comes from years of experience and deep industry knowledge. In this sea of increasingly repetitive and recycled content, you need to offer something unique to capture attention. That’s where “thought leadership” comes in.

Thought leadership is a strategic approach to content marketing that positions you or your brand as an authority in a specific field. It’s driven by human perspective, contributing meaningful insights, offering fresh perspectives and challenging conventional wisdom. It’s about demonstrating your expertise by providing helpful and interesting takes on the subject matter. Examples of thought leadership include trend-forecasting articles, industry-specific videos, interviews and podcasts, LinkedIn posts, and contrarian viewpoints.

So why is human thought leadership so valuable right now? It stands out in a sea of repetitive content, helps raise brand trust, and is a great way to show off the expertise of a company or individual. For instance, a C-suite leader of a SaaS company can share her expertise and demonstrate her knowledge to an audience, while also showing that her company values customers.

AI can be used to enhance human thought leadership, but should not replace it. AI analytics tools can identify trending topics based on customer behaviour, but it takes a human expert to craft a narrative that addresses these trends meaningfully. Generative AI like ChatGPT can speed up writing processes, but the core insights, data, opinions and perspectives must come from humans.

At a time when technology is as integral to marketing success as the content promoted, marketing leaders have a wealth of perspectives and insights to share. This can help teams navigate change more effectively, think through the implications of shifts in strategy and tech stack and more. Thought leadership takes more effort than whipping up a fluff piece with AI, but it is becoming increasingly necessary to stay ahead in marketing and your position as a leader in the industry.

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