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John Leonelli's Insights on Sales, AI and Language Learning for Business Pros

John Leonelli, Head of Sales for B2B Americas at Babbel, is an expert in today’s language learning and e-learning platforms. Founded in Berlin in 2008, the company has since expanded its reach into the American market, providing subscription-based language learning software and an e-learning platform to companies of all sizes. At HubSpot’s Inbound conference, Leonelli gave us a sales-side view of working with marketing, the tools he uses, his challenges and the impact of AI. Leonelli’s customers are mainly in manufacturing, production, construction and agriculture services, and he segments them by size (SMB/enterprise) and region. Leonelli and his marketing team collaborate on campaigns and workflows, leveraging the data from HubSpot’s CRM to inform their targeting and personalization strategies. Leonelli highlighted the importance of customer experience in B2B, noting that AI can help with messaging and creating a tailored experience for each customer. He also expressed a desire for more help in identifying the risks of deals, which can be a challenge for sales leaders. Overall, Leonelli’s insights into the role of sales, marketing, automation and AI in the language learning and e-learning markets are invaluable to technology-savvy business professionals. He demonstrated the importance of leveraging data, personalization and AI to create a better experience for customers and optimize sales, and his advice will be useful in taking any business to the next level.

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