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Integrate's Data Guardian: AI-Enhanced Trust & Compliance for Lead Data

Integrate, a B2B marketing platform, has released a solution to help businesses ensure lead data remains compliant with privacy regulations. Data Guardian uses AI-enhanced trust scoring and auditing to protect privacy and improve visibility into media partner performance. This is in response to increasing legislation in Europe which can result in fines and reputational damage for collecting lead data without proper consent or opt-out options.

Data Guardian helps marketers by ensuring that leads are “100% marketable”. It uses AI capabilities to execute audits on individual leads to ensure they meet existing and emerging compliance requirements, assign trust scores, and award quality scores to publishers to optimise content campaigns and maintain lead quality.

As well as helping businesses to protect their data, Data Guardian also sets some basic standards for ensuring lead data is compliant and protected. This could challenge other vendors to do the same, and help to make sure that data is collected with proper consent.

Originally reported by Martech:
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