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How to export a contact list from HubSpot

How to export an excel spreadsheet of contacts from HubSpot

The following knowledge base article will explain how to create a specific list of contacts and how to export that list from HubSpot.


Create a list to export:

  1. In HubSpot click on "Contacts", "Lists".
  2. At the top right click, "Create list".
  3. Name your list and filter by the properties of the contacts that you would like to see.
  4. Your list can be Active or Static,
  5. Once done, click "Save".
  6. Click the "Actions" drop down menu and click "Export".
  7. Select the properties that you want to export for your contacts and click "Next".
  8. Choose your file format and click "Export".


For more information on exporting contacts, companies, deals or tickets, click here:

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