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Exploring Threads: The Fastest-Growing Social Media Platform

Threads has become the fastest-growing social media platform in history, with 100 million people signing up within five days of launch. It is operated by Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Platforms and closely integrated with Instagram, meaning users must have an Instagram account to join. Nine of the top ten retailers, including Walmart and Kroger, have activated their accounts but the EU is yet to confirm a launch due to data privacy concerns. Marketers are now exploring this platform to host their campaigns without compromising reach or quality.

Threads is a text-based conversation app, where communities come together to discuss topics of interest, share text, images and videos with likes, reposts and replies. It is closely linked to Instagram, with users able to follow and connect with friends and creators who share their interests, including those they follow on Instagram.

Threads' focus is on “kindness” and being “friendly”, and it has invested more than $16 billion into protecting people since 2016. There are limitations on posts and videos, with posts restricted to 500 characters and videos no longer than five minutes. It is not currently possible to search for hashtags or topics, with users only able to look up other users by following them.

Meta announced that Threads would be linked to people’s Instagram accounts, citing the benefits of open social networking protocols. Threads will collect a vast amount of information about its users, in the same way Meta’s other platforms Facebook and Instagram do. Ads are not currently available but are expected to be introduced when Threads reaches a critical mass.

Threads has generated huge buzz amongst marketers as many have been taking a step back from Twitter following Elon Musk’s takeover last year. It is yet to be seen if Threads will be able to rival Twitter, but so far it has been a success with traffic down 5% in comparison to the same period a week earlier.

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