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Exploring Generative AI in the Workplace: Martech Releases

Generative AI is rapidly becoming an integral part of the workplace, and this week’s Martech releases are no exception. Recent research has shown that 60% of seller work will be carried out by generative AI within the next five years, up from less than 5% in 2023. 63% of IT workers and 44% of office workers are concerned that this technology may take their jobs. Business leaders are aware of the potential of AI, with 52% believing it could replace jobs in their organisations, and 45% admitting to a skills gap. To bridge this gap, 74% of business leaders said they plan to upskill or reskill existing workers.

Microsoft has announced two new AI-powered marketing features. Advertising Platform Copilot uses generative AI to simplify campaign creation, content recommendations, account management and optimization. Compare & Decide Ads is a conversational ad format designed specifically for Bing Chat, which allows users to easily evaluate different options. Akeneo has acquired Unifai, an AI platform for data collection, cleansing, categorization, and enrichment. Pluto 5000 has launched the public beta of Cartographer AI Explorer, providing marketers with hyperpersonalization and data privacy features. Bynder has acquired EMRAYS, a specialist provider of AI search solutions, and Storyteq’s BrandCore is an AI-driven engine for marketers. MFour launched DANI and its AI Survey Builder, while GetResponse has released an AI-powered campaign generator.

Generative AI is an emerging technology that is rapidly transforming the workplace. This week’s Martech releases showcase the possibilities of AI-powered solutions, from simplified campaign creation to enhanced data collection. Business leaders are aware of the potential of AI, and many are investing in upskilling and reskilling their existing workers to bridge the AI skills gap. With major players such as Microsoft, Akeneo and GetResponse investing in AI-powered solutions, it is clear that generative AI will be an essential part of the future landscape of the workplace.

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