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Self-Assessment for Organisations Considering a DXP Investment

Organisations looking to invest in a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) should begin their journey with a self-assessment of their business needs, capabilities and resources. Questions to consider include whether existing processes are being met by a content management system, if content delivery speed is sufficient to achieve SEO goals, and if security and bug fixes are taking up developer time that could be used elsewhere. It is also important to consider if a development team can handle presentation layers not included in a DXP, and if existing content can be migrated without compromising search rankings. Furthermore, it is essential to ensure a DXP can be integrated with existing elements of the organisation’s martech stack, and that editorial and content creation staff are able to adopt a new content management interface. C-suite support is critical to ensure the initiative is adequately funded, and success should be measured using KPIs such as site/app speed, SEO ranking and traffic, and conversion rate. Finally, organisations should also budget for resources such as developer and systems integrator, editor training and ongoing development to realise the benefits of a DXP.

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