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Exploring Generative AI: Idea Generators for Marketers and Customers

The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on businesses is vast and growing. In marketing, AI has revolutionised the way we work and interact with customers. This four-part series explores the four categories of AI and how they can be used to benefit marketers and their customers. This first article looks at generative AI, a category which includes tools such as OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google's Bard, MidJourney and Dall-E. Generative AI uses existing text, imagery and other information and creates new content from these sources. It requires the user to provide a prompt to generate output. The quality of the output is based on the source material and the underlying technology. Generative AI is an idea generator and a starting point for creative tasks. It can be used to cure writer's block and provide illustrators and designers with rough ideas. It is also beginning to be used in the context of personalisation, for example, to generate text-based variations or image-based elements that are brand-safe and copyright-free. There is still much room for improvement but marketers can look forward to using generative AI as an idea generator or as a starting point for creative content. It could also offer greater personalisation opportunities in the near future. However, marketers should remain aware of potential errors, plagiarism and copyright issues when using generative AI. In the next article of this series, we will look at predictive analytics and how AI can be used in this context.

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