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Ensuring Quality Metadata in your DAM Platform

An effective Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform is essential for businesses to manage their assets and ensure efficiency and value. Metadata is the cornerstone of the DAM, as it provides the information that feeds search results and filters, allowing users to locate the desired assets quickly. However, many businesses struggle with the balance of having the right metadata fields and the time and effort it takes to enter it. The key is to have the right metadata. You should rank the initial list of metadata fields as must-haves, nice-to-haves and not needed or redundant. While automation and AI can assist with metadata entry, they can’t fully replace human eyes and knowledge. The more required fields, the more time and effort it takes to complete the metadata per asset. You should also select the format of the field that makes the most sense for the data it will hold, minimize free text fields in favor of controlled vocabularies, and group the fields logically for the greatest ease and efficiency. Auto-tagging and AI tools can also help to ensure consistency, but they must be set up, trained and QAed and updated continuously. Managing metadata is an ongoing process. You should use reporting tools and user feedback to identify fields that are candidates for removal from the metadata structure. You should also check if the fields can be moved, renamed or converted into a different format for increased efficiency. Remember that the usefulness, accuracy and integrity of your metadata are your primary objectives. Some unused fields may contain historical information you must keep, so you don’t want to delete them outright. With the proper care and attention, metadata will ensure that assets flow out of your DAM as seamlessly as they flow in.

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