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Enhancing Marketing Automation with AI and Journey Orchestration

Marketing automation is a fundamental component of modern marketing technology stacks. However, customers are expecting more than just a seamless experience across multiple channels. To stay ahead, businesses need to augment their marketing automation with AI and journey orchestration. Customer journey orchestration (CJO) was designed for multi-channel communication. It enables brands to target emails, SMS messages, mobile app push notifications, website landing pages and social advertising more accurately. Through branching, it can provide different experiences for different customers, even if they are enrolled in the same journey. AI-based machine learning algorithms can also help uncover patterns in customer data, enabling the creation of dynamic audience segments. This helps marketers deliver content, offers and experiences that are tailored to the individual at the right time on the right channel. AI can also be used to calculate customer propensity scores and perform predictive analytics. This can help marketers route the next best action or offer to an individual. AI can even be used to generate personalized content, such as text and imagery, tailored to the individual. To be successful with marketing automation augmentation, marketers need to focus on creating personalized journeys, integrating multiple platforms and data sources, and ensuring their teams work together, all while moving closer to an omnichannel approach. AI and journey orchestration can enhance existing marketing automation methods and help businesses meet their customers’ rising expectations. By leveraging these technologies, businesses can create more meaningful customer experiences and boost their marketing performance.

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