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Movable Ink Launches Universal Data Activation for Marketers

AI-powered content personalization platform Movable Ink has launched new Universal Data Activation capabilities that allow marketers to create personalized experiences across email and mobile channels.

The new capabilities enable marketers to stream elements of data from any source, including customer data, behavioral data, product data, transactions and other kinds of data, into content personalization for customers. This allows marketers to leverage data from their current stacks and workflow, without adding extra work for the marketing team.

Movable Ink's CEO and co-founder Vivek Sharma said in a release: "With Movable Ink, marketers can finally unlock the full potential of their marketing stack, leveraging data — from wherever it lives — to dynamically personalize content for every customer, across any touchpoint."

Universal Data Activation integrations are available for Adobe Experience Platform, Braze and Twilio Segment. The addition of these personalization capabilities in more places along the customer journey will enable organizations to create more sophisticated ROI use cases, thanks to AI.

Originally reported by Martech:
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