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Embracing Agile Marketing: Komet USA's Success Story

Komet USA, an American-based subsidiary of the German company that manufactures dental instruments, has embraced agile marketing to improve their work processes and culture. Mercedes Aycinena, their CEO and former head of marketing, was the one who made it possible. Agile allows them to prioritize and work towards key goals and not just do ad hoc things. It also helps establish a culture of work-life balance and allows transparency throughout the company. The marketing team started with training everyone in agile marketing and determining what each person could contribute. They now have regular collaborative planning sessions with stakeholders ahead of their planning meetings and have an intake process that funnels work requests into a single prioritized backlog. If you’re a marketing leader looking to get started with agile marketing, Mercedes suggests to 'go for it!' and begin small, as it’s an easy process to adapt to get the most out of it. Agile marketing is a great way for businesses to prioritize work and focus on key goals. It provides work/life balance and improved transparency throughout the company. Komet USA is a great example of how embracing agile marketing can make a positive difference and can help you get the most out of your team.

Originally reported by Martech:
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