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Crafting a Winning Event Strategy: A 7-Layer Approach

Virtual events are a great way to connect with customers and prospects, however, generating qualified attendees can be challenging. To ensure success, it is important to have a solid strategy in place for attracting and engaging attendees. Whether you’re hosting a webinar, podcast, metaverse event or web-based meeting, each type of event requires a different approach when it comes to generating and following up on leads. To maximise success, a seven-layer approach can be used for crafting your strategy. This includes clarifying goals and purpose, getting the sales team engaged, focusing on the audience and attendee profile, leveraging partners and media outlets, utilising all channels, considering key metrics and following through. Knowing your audience, understanding their interests, pain points and challenges, and tailoring the event to meet their expectations are all essential for driving better results for your company.

Planning an event takes a lot of effort, time and resources, and involving the sales team early in the planning cycle can bring several benefits. Salespeople can provide valuable insights into the target audience and help tailor the event to meet their expectations. They can also assist in developing the event’s messaging and positioning, ensuring it resonates with the target audience and aligns with the company’s sales goals. Collaborating with partners and media outlets can also help to tap into their existing networks and expand reach. Promoting the event on websites, email blasts and using email signature space can help amplify the message and streamline the registration process.

Tracking key metrics such as the number of touchpoints and post-event activity will help measure the success of the event and improve future strategies. Additionally, following up with attendees is essential for keeping the funnel moving. Sending thank you emails, providing additional resources and asking for feedback can keep them engaged and increase the chance of them attending future events.

Having a clear goal and understanding the nuances of each event type is key to achieving success. A seven-layer approach and the tips mentioned above can help you craft a winning event strategy and drive better results for your company.

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