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Collaborative Dynamic Content Creation with Stensul

Email creation platform Stensul has developed a way for teams to collaboratively create, review and approve dynamic content to be deployed in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Adobe Marketo Engage. This means that teams no longer have to deploy emails to the respective platforms to review them. This move is part of a larger trend to combine as many parts of a process as possible into a single workflow.

Dynamic content is content that is tailored to individual recipients based on their behaviour, preferences and the time of opening the email. Stensul now makes it possible to review and edit dynamic content without having to deploy it in the distribution platform or sending a test.

Stensul has also enabled no-code authoring of dynamic content. This means that users are able to author dynamic content without having to know how to code, freeing up specialist time for other tasks. This was welcomed by Kyle Garrett, Senior Marketing Ops Manager at Weave, a communications platform for SMBs and a Stensul customer, who said “Changing elements of an email — from the headline, image, body text, the CTA, and even links — is done quickly and easily without the need to make structural changes to the modules in the email’s templates."

This latest development from Stensul has the potential to save users time and money, and is an example of the broader trend towards bringing multiple parts of a process into one platform.

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