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Enhancements to Habu Platform and Partnerships for Data Collaboration at Scale

Habu, an enterprise data collaboration company, has released new enhancements to its platform and key partnerships with leading players in the industry such as Snowflake and Amazon. These new developments will enable organizations to execute data collaboration at scale and without the need for technical resources or the need to move the data. This is especially important for marketers who are looking to data clean rooms to enrich their data and boost their ad campaign performance in the increasingly regulated digital ecosystem.

Habu's improved platform now allows clean room owners to work more effectively with business intelligence derived from the data clean room. Reports and analytics dashboard environments generated from the clean room can now be templatized and packaged, while the improved Question Builder makes it easier to author new clean room use cases and templates. Habu also now provides a simplified integration with Facebook, as well as enhancements to integrations with TikTok and Twitter that reduce rate-limit disruptions and other errors.

As a certified Amazon Marketing Cloud partner, Habu's platform is now open to marketers using Amazon Ads who wish to expand their campaign through the marketing cloud and use Habu's intelligence tools. Using a library of plain English queries and visualizations, the no-code and low-code Habu tools allow marketers to easily enrich data and gain intelligence with minimal experience in data science.

Habu's enhancements to its platform and partnerships with top industry players illustrate the company's commitment to helping organizations execute data collaboration at scale and to enabling marketers to enrich their data and boost their ad campaign performance in an increasingly regulated digital ecosystem.

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