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Boost MAP Performance: 4 Essential Steps for Marketers

Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs) are an invaluable tool for marketers. By automating certain processes, such as segmentation, task identification, customer experience, and bringing back ghosted contacts, marketers can reduce the time spent on mundane tasks and increase overall efficiency. Here are four essential steps marketers can take to boost MAP performance and drive value for their organisation.

Reverse engineer segmentation

Too often, marketers break down their customers into segments by role or demographics. To make sure the right messages are sent to the right group of customers, try the reverse-engineering approach. Identify common pain points or challenges that customers face and group them in that way. This will allow for more effective and meaningful segmentation in the long term.

Identify repetitive tasks

Keep a log of everything that’s done manually across the organisation, such as sales, marketing and customer service. Ask team members the “magic wand” question to get further insights into how automation can save time. Check in with the online communities around specific MAPs to see what capabilities and new features the MAPs offer. Consider AI-powered automation to make tasks more efficient.

Improve customer experience with automation

Look at the customer journey and identify where an automated message could help guide the customer on the right path. Automated messages should be tailored to the customer's specific needs, as this will provide a deeper personal connection. Automated messages can also be used to reduce the amount of time a customer waits to hear back from the business.

Bring back ghosted contacts

It’s inevitable that some customers go silent. Use marketing automation to auto-nurture these ghosted leads, as this will save valuable time for human agents. If this strategy revives a contact and nudges them towards a sale, that’s a good return on investment. If the business has an external partner, send automated messages to that entity asking them to contact the customer.

By following these four steps, marketers can ensure that their MAP performance is optimised and that they are driving value for their organisation. With the right strategies, automation can help create a more meaningful connection with the customer, reduce time spent on mundane tasks, and increase overall efficiency.

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