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Belkins' Successful Outreach Transformation: Measuring Metrics and Crafting a Holistic Marketing Strategy

The last two years have been transformative for Belkins, as they chose to focus heavily on marketing. For the CMO, stepping into the role without a marketing background was like a roller-coaster ride. With a team of 50 and a target of 400 new deals each month, the pressure was on. Despite this, the team was able to enhance their outreach by testing, learning, and focusing on key metrics. Let’s explore how they achieved this and how you can apply their insights to your own strategy.

To measure the success of an email outreach, there are a few key metrics to keep an eye on. The deliverability rate shows how many of your emails reach the recipient’s inbox. A rate of 95% or higher is ideal. The response rate indicates how successful your content is in resonating with your audience. A typical rate in the B2B sector is between 2.5% and 5%, and a rate of 6-15% is exceptional. Your engagement rate shows the proportion of positive responses to total responses, both positive and negative. The lead-to-appointment rate measures the success of communication between your team and potential clients. And the customer acquisition cost (CAC) reveals the cost to gain a new customer and is important for evaluating marketing efficiency and optimizing outreach. Finally, the return on investment (ROI) measures whether your efforts are boosting profits or draining the budget.

To maximize your results, there are a few key steps to take. Firstly, optimize your market fit positioning. This includes figuring out buying personas, targeting specific industries, and narrowing down location targeting. Also refine your value proposition to ensure it is tailored to their needs. Secondly, adjust your technical settings to ensure deliverability and move away from open rates as a primary metric. Finally, embrace a holistic marketing approach, including crafting personalized messages, creating consistent follow-ups, creating versatile marketing content, building a credible brand, and enhancing user experience.

The team at Belkins experienced significant success in their outreach campaigns, a testament to the power of optimizing their strategy. These metrics are not just touchpoints, they are the roadmap to long-term success. Opting for a holistic marketing approach, tailored to specific needs, is key for achieving maximum results.

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