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AI Integration in Marketing Tech: New Features, Products, and Enhancements

As AI technology continues to evolve, it is becoming increasingly integrated into the world of marketing. This week, several AI-powered marketing tech products, features and enhancements were released, with the aim of improving customer experience and boosting SEO performance. Microsoft’s attempt to use AI to challenge Google’s search engine domination was unsuccessful, as Google’s money advantage proved too great. ChannelMix Marketing Impact Modeling uses AI for automated media planning, predictive modelling and real-time recommendations. Making Science’s Trust Generative AI integrates capabilities from Google and OpenAI to create relevant content. CallMiner’s AI-powered contact summarization is enhanced with improved user experience and updated reporting dashboards. NewsBreak’s Maximize Conversions bidding strategy uses AI for ad targeting. Intellimize’s AI-powered Account-Based Marketing experiences (ABX) allow marketers to orchestrate personalized experiences. Dstillery’s Connected TV (CTV) solution uses AI and patented ID-free technology. Lytics’s Lytics Interest Engine uses AI and Google Vertex AI for Natural Language Processing (NLP) for ad targeting. Messagepoint’s AI-powered Assisted Authoring supports translation into multiple languages. Siteimprove’s AI Generate provides SEO content suggestions, while Mnemonic AI’s Digital Twin of the Customer generates insights into customer behavior. Overall, AI’s integration into marketing tech is allowing businesses to facilitate tailored customer experiences and boost SEO performance. It is clear that AI is here to stay and will remain an integral part of the future of marketing.

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