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AI-Powered Martech Revolution: HubSpot, Salesforce, Mailchimp & More

This week saw several new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered releases in the martech sector, with both HubSpot and Salesforce rolling out new implementations. Mailchimp's Intuit Assist, Typeface's GrowthLoop and Google Cloud, Cordial's Cordial AI, and Outboundly's Chrome extension are just some of the AI-powered features that are now available to marketers.

Mailchimp's Intuit Assist helps users generate content, personalise marketing and learn faster. It can generate content for email campaigns, social media posts and website pages; suggest changes to email text, images and layout; and translate content into several languages.

Typeface has partnered with GrowthLoop and Google Cloud to create an integrated solution that provides marketers with unified customer data access in BigQuery, intuitive audience definition with natural language understanding, tailored cross-channel content creation and effective orchestration and performance measurement.

Cordial's Cordial AI provides marketers with generative, predictive and prescriptive artificial intelligence capabilities. Generative features create subject lines, customise content tone and length, while predictive features identify preferred channels, predict buying habits and recommend products. Prescriptive features provide next-best actions for customers, highlight missed opportunities in campaign strategies and suggest messaging experiments.

Outboundly is a Chrome extension that simplifies cold outreach by leveraging AI to generate personalised prospecting messages. It analyses the prospect's website and LinkedIn profile to generate a personalised email message tailored to the prospect's interests and needs, as well as find contact information such as their email address and phone number.

These new AI-powered releases are set to revolutionise the martech sector, providing marketers with the ability to create personalised content, track performance and identify customer needs. As AI technology continues to develop, it will become increasingly easier for marketers to deliver personalised, tailored content to their audience.

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