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2023 Marketing Data Impact Report: Uncovering Tactics to Target, Convert, and Prove ROI

2023 is a year of unprecedented change for marketers, with a new set of challenges to tackle alongside continued pressure to prove ROI. In response, many are turning to data-driven strategies to inform their decisions and get ahead of the competition. The 2023 Marketing Data Impact Report from Anteriad surveyed over 300 marketers to uncover which tactics are delivering results when it comes to targeting, converting, and proving marketing’s value.

The report provides insights on intent data, buying groups, high-quality leads, and marketing metrics that matter. It also takes a deep dive into the data and technology strategies that are setting the top performers apart, with details on the tactics that are driving growth and where peers are investing this year.

The report is essential reading for any tech-savvy business professional looking to stay ahead of the competition. It provides an inside look at how your peers are managing this year’s pressures, as well as invaluable insights into the data-driven strategies that are driving success in 2023. To get access to the report, visit Digital Marketing Depot.

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