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"Privacy & Personalization: How to Benefit from Consent-Based Marketing"

The importance of data privacy and consumer trust are top of mind for many businesses. To stay ahead of the curve and ensure customer loyalty, brands need to understand how to use first-party data responsibly.

Experts from OneTrust will be hosting a webinar, “Privacy & Personalization: How to Benefit from Consent-Based Marketing”, to explore the power of first-party data and discuss practical tips for using it in a privacy-first manner. The session will look at the need for transparency, consent, and data security, and how to implement responsible data practices.

The webinar will demonstrate how businesses can benefit from consent-based marketing while still protecting consumer rights. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the complexities of data privacy laws and learn how to use first-party data in a way that is compliant, secure, and respectful of customers’ wishes.

With data security and privacy becoming increasingly important, this webinar is a great opportunity to learn more about how to use first-party data in an ethical and secure way. So register now and get the information you need to ensure that your business is compliant with data privacy regulations.

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